Cobalt Blue

Night has fallen on my heart, And cast a long shadow, so sad and true. I know what must be done,But it does not seem enough… For the life that will be lost,The life that loved me from the start. You showed me dreams, And helped them come true. You showed me the way, And now, the world is bathed in Cobalt Blue. A true sight to behold one of life and love. How could we ever be without you? As the light fell below the window sill, Yet another day was over and done, Yet another fight was laid to rest. And you can see, the pain Hidden beneath the memories, The love in the tear-streaked eyes Looking up at the peppered stars…
I was reminded of when life Was happy and it was true… of a time when I still had all of you… Your time was cut short, ripped away from under your feet. And now, we who are left must keep you in our hearts, and under our stars. When I walk around the streets,Where I grew up and found my feet,
They can’t look me in the eye, its like they ’re scared to say anything. But I’m lost in moments gone by.
You saw so much laughter, so much joy
Now there’s nothing left but the fleeting memories. The world has failed you, It let an angel down.You were an exquisite gem, “A soul so rare…and one to keep”  I see the angels, I’ll lead them to your door, For I know where you belong, Soaring high above, a whisper of hope. Hidden amongst the stars. There was no falling down without you ‘round to pick me up And no tears that fell without your help to change my luck. And you taught me so much, I could not learn fast enough. About how to love someone, Wholeheartedly. You soldiered storms that you never spoke of, Built up a world that was all about us. If I close my eyes, I can still feel your touch… The warm steady shake of two hands, that loved me too much…  There’s just too much that time cannot erase;  Memories, laughter, smiles and tears. So hold me closer, one more time. Say that you love me, in my last goodbye.

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